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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

The end of a relationship can lead to significant conflict. In some cases, one partner wishes to continue the relationship or discuss the problems and work toward a solution, while the other partner wants to move on. Situations like these can sometimes lead to allegations of stalking or harassment. If your ex has accused you of stalking, it is important to take such an accusation seriously. The consequences of a stalking conviction in Texas are life-changing. Reach out to a criminal defense lawyer for help right away.

What is Considered Stalking?

Under Texas law, stalking is defined as engaging in conduct that involves harassing or threatening another person with the intent to cause them emotional distress. In order for an act to be considered stalking, it must occur on two or more occasions and must be done with the intent of causing fear, intimidation or bodily injury. Examples of this kind of conduct include following someone, sending unwanted gifts, making unwanted phone calls, or sending harassing text messages.


Is Assault a Misdemeanor or Felony in Texas?

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Midland Texas Criminal Law Attorney

Anything from a drunken argument at a bar to a heated family dispute can lead to charges for assault. In Texas, assault refers to intentional physical contact that is offensive or provocative. Many people are surprised to learn that they can be charged with assault even if the other person was not severely injured. Assault is usually a misdemeanor but it can be a felony in some circumstances. In some cases, assault can lead to significant jail time.

What a Prosecutor Must Prove to Secure an Assault Conviction

Assault charges often follow fights or physical altercations. In many cases, a person is charged with both assault and battery, but these are two separate offenses.


Midland Texas Commercial Trucking Accident

Being a commercial truck driver is not an easy job. Drivers are required to operate massive vehicles in all different types of weather and road conditions. They are asked to work unpredictable schedules, and often drive for very long stretches of time. Commercial trucking companies have a duty to ensure that their drivers are capable of safely doing this demanding job.

Negligent hiring and training practices can lead to unqualified drivers behind the wheel of 18-wheelers and other large trucks. In some cases, the consequences of this negligence lead to catastrophic truck accidents.


Austin Drunk Driving Lawyer

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the measure of alcohol in a person's bloodstream. The two most common ways of measuring BAC in a Texas drunk driving case are breath tests and blood tests. However, for a chemical BAC test to be reliable, there must be an accurate chain of custody.

Chain of custody is the careful tracking and recording of evidence from its collection to its presentation in court. It must be proven that a blood sample was not contaminated or tampered with in any way between the time it was taken and when it arrived at the laboratory for testing. If there are any gaps in this chain of custody, then the evidence may be considered inadmissible.


Midland Texas Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been accused of sexual assault or another sex crime, you may understandably be anxious and unsure how to handle the situation. Sex-related criminal offenses often carry especially harsh criminal penalties, not to mention the substantial damage such an accusation can do to one's personal and professional reputation. 

Sexual assault is a felony criminal offense in Texas, and those convicted of sexual assault can face up to twenty years in prison. To increase your chances of avoiding conviction and the life-changing consequences that come with a conviction, take the following steps immediately. 

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