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Austin, Texas attorneys fighting for the rights of our clients

Midland, TX Criminal Defense Attorneys

Lawyers for Criminal, Family Law and Personal Injury Cases in Midland County

For over two decades, Morales Law Office, Attorneys at Law, PLLC. has been providing legal help to individuals and families in matters related to criminal charges, family court, and personal injuries. We have built a reputation as honest and dedicated attorneys who work hard to meet our clients' needs. Whether you have been arrested and charged with a crime, are planning to get a divorce, need to resolve disputes over child custody, or are struggling to recover from an injury, we can advise you of your legal options and provide you with strong legal representation. Contact us today at 512-474-2222 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our attorneys.

Case Results

Felony DWI

Case dismissed after motion to suppress was granted.

Sexual Assault

Client found not guilty at trial.

Drug Distribution

Acquittal of federal charges of conspiracy to import and distribute 57 tons of marijuana.


  • I Wish I Would Have Known About Morales Lawfirm Before I Got This Whole Case I Would Have Used There Services Best Lawyers And An Amazing Friendly Staff I Would Totally Recommend To Anyone Took Me Out Of Jail For Revoked Probation Without Bond In Less Than 4hrs Gave Me A Court Day 2weeks Later I Was Scared But He Reassured Me Everything Was Going To Be Just Fine He Took Me Off Probation That Day And I Was Free To Go.

    - Joanna Garcia

  • Great job. Mr. Morales was knowledgeable of the law and provided sound feedback to concerns I had in regards to the validity of my situation. He was patient and didn't rush the matter, taking the time to see what the prosecution had and going forth from there. I would recommend the Morales Law Office to anyone with a case that is questionable and is seeking an attorney with experience to represent them the right way.

    - Trey Turner

  • Great law firm. Novert Morales aka Mr. Morales is an amazing lawyer and the rest of his family who work with him are very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite. They are very flexible and will answer the phone even while off work. They are passionate about their clients and this is the must go to lawyer in the Texas Hill country region. He can take on Travis County cases as well as surrounding counties.

    - K.B.

  • Thank you Morales Law Firm! I have never been in trouble until one day . I received a TABC citation . I was scared and nervous . The Morales law firm kept reassuring me that thing were going to be okay . They worked there magic and I have a clean record! I recommend Morales law firm to other friends and family. They will work that magic for you ! I can't thank Morales law firm enough.

    - Sandra Castro

Criminal Defense

Whether they are classified as serious felonies or "minor" misdemeanors, criminal charges should be taken very seriously. A conviction can result in multiple different types of penalties, including a prison sentence, steep fines, a lengthy period of probation, and a permanent criminal record that may affect a person's freedom, reputation, career, and family relationships.

If you or your loved one have been arrested, you may not fully understand the nature of the charges against you or the procedures that will be followed during your case. By contacting our attorneys as soon as possible, you can have a legal advocate on your side who will protect your rights and make sure you do not provide law enforcement with any information that could harm your case. We will help you take the right steps to avoid a conviction or minimize the potential consequences you may face.


Intentionally injuring someone else, threatening to injure someone, or making physical contact that is "offensive or provocative" can lead to misdemeanor or felony assault charges.

Family Violence

Accusations of physical abuse against family members can not only lead to assault charges, but a family violence charge can result in restraining orders or loss of child custody.

Drug Cases

Offenses involving controlled substances are taken very seriously in Texas, and arrests for drug possession or drug manufacturing and trafficking can lead to state or federal drug charges.

Property Crimes

Accusations of theft or shoplifting can lead to an arrest, and the charges will depend on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen. More serious property crimes include robbery, burglary, and arson.

DWI Defense

It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher, and doing so can lead to charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI). Drivers may also face criminal charges if they are intoxicated by marijuana or other controlled substances or if the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications have affected their ability to drive safely. Whether you have been charged with a first DWI, repeat DWI, or DWI with manslaughter or bodily injury, our attorneys can help you determine the best defense strategy.

Jail Release Bonds

Following an arrest, a person will want to get released from jail or police custody as soon as possible. Our attorneys can help defendants negotiate a release, either through a personal bond or a cash deposit bond. By meeting with defendants in jail, gathering the necessary information, and speaking directly to the judge, we can often secure a release within a few hours. We can also assist with walk-through bonds that are pre-approved, allowing a person to be released quickly after being served with an arrest warrant.

Personal Injury

Serious injuries can be devastating to a person and their family, and when they occur because of someone else's negligence, victims may be able to pursue financial compensation. Our lawyers will investigate the circumstances of your injury and gather evidence to establish fault, and we will help you take the right steps to hold a person or organization responsible for the damages you have suffered. We will fight to make sure you are fully compensated for your medical expenses, loss of income, and the pain and suffering caused to you and your family.

Family Law and Divorce

Legal disputes involving spouses, parents, children, or other family members can be sensitive and personal, and the decisions made in family court can have a long-lasting impact on a person's family relationships and finances. Because of this, it is crucial for the parties in these types of disputes to be represented by a skilled legal advocate who can protect their rights and help them reach a resolution that will meet their family's needs.

Whether you are planning to get divorced, need to address issues related to the custody of your children, or want to ensure that child support or spousal support is calculated correctly, our family law attorneys can provide the legal help you need. We will work with you to resolve these issues as quickly and cooperatively as possible while ensuring that your parental rights and your children's best interests are protected.

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